Our  Services
  1. Scoping Surveys
    We have experienced surveyors who can provide a fully detailed scoped survey, prior to works commencing on site. Our experience of working with varying schedule of rates and providing photographic evidence, allows the information provided to be self explanatory and easily transferred to supply chain members and employers alike. The spreadsheets provide efficient cost control for our clients and the ability to identify any future variations with confidence. Our team of surveyors can provide on site surveys internally and externally to individual street properties to whole estates and anything in between.
  2. Final account settlement
    We have experience in preparing documents for dispute resolution, our main focus is to achieve a settlement without embarking on a legal approach costing significant fees which are not recovered. Our experience enables our clients to continue working through out any dispute, maintaining relationships and reach a resolution swiftly.
  3. Commercial Procedural support
    We can provide templates and processes to enable senior management receive regular financial reports to assist with controlling cash flow and risk management.
  4. Claims Consultant
    We have a vast experience concluding final accounts, preparing documents to enable projects to be concluded effectively. We can also pursue old debts and increase your companies cash flow.
  5. Quantity Surveying
    To achieve a maximum profit and reduce operating costs requires an effective management of commercial teams with effective processes and procedures. As you experience amplified projects and workloads, we aim to provide the necessary consultancy support and take on all your quantity surveying requirements and provide our expertise where needed. With considerable experience we have worked on vast projects including refurbishment, commercial fit, traditional construction, schools, and much more as a consultancy practice. We can provide support on a day to day basis or isolate a problem and resolve it enabling our clients teams to concentrate on their allocated duties.
  6. Estimating
    Our surveyors produce effective and accurate estimates based on our experience and constant monitoring of the construction market. We can provide a preliminary feasibility report from data created from peripheral sources. We currently work with an array of clients to produce sufficient estimates through reasonable and viable means to suit each individual client’s needs from schedule of rates, Bills of Quantities, Lump Sum to Specifications and Drawings.
  7. Procurement
    Value for money, low risk and meeting the expectations of all companies are the standards needed in any marketing condition to provide an all-encompassing procurement strategy. We understand commercial and operational requirements are needed to achieve both internal and external targets and the procurement process is not limited to winning the contract, but also the successful delivery through to completion.
  8. Tendering
    The potential cost to produce a tender can be significant so getting it right is important. With years of experience in the industry resulting in a strong understanding of the market, and a vast knowledge of the current prices we are able to provide accurate estimates to include into your successful tender. We currently work closely with main contractors and subcontractors, as an important member of their team to aid them in the process of tendering and producing accurate estimates for various sized projects.

​​We also offer training & Career development

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